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Welcome to the site of Polar Light cattery!

     The basic direction of our cattery's activity is professional breeding of the Scottish and British cats with emerald eyes in exclusive golden tabbi ticked color, also in rare colors: silver shaded, silver tabbi ticked, black tabbi ticked and in traditional colors, which also are very beautiful and favourite.
     As a result of long-term and laborious work we have collected and received the best producers, which please us with the high show results and wonderful character.
     Our purpose is a preservation and improvement of animals breed type and also reception of healthy and qualitative progeny.
     We make a big point of our pupils health. Once a year are spent obligatory survey and vaccination of adult animals in licensed veterinary clinics, all matings are planned just one or two in a year with obligatory litters auditing in the club. Each animal has his own breeding program.
     Kittens are vaccinated according to age, they have the document of an origin (pedigree), the veterinary passport with vaccination marks of licensed veterinary clinic. The future owners receive detailed consultation on feeding and the maintenance of a kitten.
     Our animals eat only high-quality natural products and professional premium and super-premium food, that is pledge of health and good mood.
     Our pupils grow in domestic surroundings, in atmosphere of love, care and attention.



Enjoy browsing our site!




Irina Sek


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